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There is no doubt that all businesses should have active Social Media. We hear about it daily; we hear it everywhere and very often. Why? Why is it a necessity? And, at the end of the day, what do you gain as a business? Questions we are being asked daily, and we thought to answer them in this article, to resolve as many as we can.

Is it required to have social media for my business?

Yes, the answer is always yes! When you own a business and do not have active social media, it is like your business is not operating to its fullest. Every day, thousands of people are looking for information about your specialty on the internet and search for the appropriate practitioner. Most of the time, they end up choosing someone with the up-to-date social media – so, he looks like a professional – and has good reviews or comments on his posts for the service he provides. That someone could be you, if you have the appropriate information, properly posted on your social media.

Which of the following social media should I have and why?

Here, there is not a specific answer for everyone, it depends on every case. For example, a restaurant should have Facebook, Instagram and Google my Business. Another businessman, who is an event planner will not need Google my Business, but he will maybe need Tik Tok to show snapshots from his events. A ceramic workshop is helpful to have Pinterest, so the users can pin its creations. Finally, a teacher who tutors will certainly need LinkedIn to display the best features of his CV, to attract students. So, the answer is, according to the field that every professional is active at, there are the proper social media networks that will help him.

What should I post? How often? Who will do it?

Here, it also gets a lot more complicated. An answer, regarding the frequency of the posts, could be every day, or every other day, or once a week. The key here is coherence. Select the frequency and adhere to it devoutly to work better! According to the contents of your posts, there are a lot of answers, too and we cannot say something specific.

We assure you though, that it would be nice to upload YOUR own original content! Write texts, take photos, make videos or podcasts and be sure that the ones who follow will appreciate it. Who does all these things? Certainly, someone who knows how. Someone who has the experience and will do them right. Even if your marketing budget is low, it is worth investing to a professional who will manage your business image and make it public. Define your budget and ask for content according to the money you can offer.

Will I gain sales from social media? When? How?

If someone tells you, that when you start first using social media, will instantly have new clients, it is a lie. With social media, first you build a relationship with your audience. The audience should see you often with different content, learn about your history, your service and if it fits their needs, choose you! Be persistent and patient and the sales will occur the right moment.

I own a business, but I am clueless about social media, how do I take the first step?

You should take the first step alongside a professional. At Your Cooperator, the first partnership of professionals in Greece, we can build from scratch your business’s social media and the content that will be uploaded to them. Together, we will define from the beginning, the actions and targets in order to add more value to your business. Ask us anything else you would like to know at the following form.